Vita’s sustainable foam technology lauded at interzum

Flexible foam solutions provider The Vita Group has won two prominent awards at the interzum trade fair (online this year), in recognition of its sustainable foam innovations.

Based in Middleton, Manchester, Vita has developed a range of foams that utilise fossil fuel alternatives and recycled post-consumer mattresses to reduce the environmental impact of bedding and furniture.

The award-winning products were: Orbis, a foam which was created inpartnership with Dow and will see 200,000 mattresses a year recycled into material for new bedding and furniture as part of Dow’s Renuva Mattress Recycling Program (see May’s issue of Furniture News for details), which was recognised for its environmentally friendly properties and received the Best of the Best interzum Award; and the VitaRest Origin pillow (pictured), which incorporates castor oil and is made using bio-polyols, which the High Product Quality award.

Vita has a long heritage of exploring sustainable options, and in 2000 became the first in Europe to manufacture flexible foams using sustainably sourced polyols, and today offers a collection of sustainable PU foams.

Ian Robb, CEO of The Vita Group, says: “We pursue sustainable alternatives, and these efforts have been recognised in two leading industry awards – the Best of the Best for Orbis foam and High Product Quality for VitaRest Origin pillow. We’ve set some tough sustainability targets for the next several decades as part of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. These targets include all plants being able to manufacture sustainable polyols by 2030, sending zero manufacturing waste to landfill by 2040, and achieving demanding carbon neutrality benchmarks by 2050.”

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