What are signs of Wooden Fence Damage?

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Numerous people prefer setting up wooden fences in their yards but expect it to last years. For wooden fencing,Guest Posting such a case is rare to expect. No matter how much you love your wooden fencing, fixing it up can give you a nightmare. Timely checking of wooden fencing is a must to avoid excessive damage. There are several fence company in Coppell but how to know when it’s time to call up professional help? Here are the signs you must look out for while checking your wooden fence:

1. Discoloration – Yellow stains on the wood or color coming out from random areas mean your fence is asking for a repair. Stains are common for rainy areas and weaken the wood. While getting it changes, you might opt for lumber which is more resistant.

2. Leaning Fence – Leaning fence is a sure shot sign that your fence needs help. As the wood starts to age, leaning becomes a very common problem. This problem persists in winters when harsh winds mess up with the wood. Don’t ignore leaning fences or try to straighten it because leaning fences are signs of future problems.

3. Missing Boards – While missing boards do not really mean damage it definitely means that your wooden fence is asking for attention. These missing or damages pieces spoil the appearance of your fencing and also compromise with the structural integrity of the fence.

4. Holes and Splintering – As the wooden fence starts to get old, it becomes weaker and more prone to damage. Holes in your wooden fence mean an attack from insects, micro-organisms or even wildlife. These small holes hide massive problems inside the wood so, make sure you check the holes carefully.

Cracks or splintering in the wooden fence means that the wood needs replacement as it has become weaker.

5. Expensive Repairs – If you’ve been spending hefty amounts on repairing your wooden fence yet end up at the same position (more or less) then, understand that your wooden fence needs major repairs.

6. Accidents – In spite of the fact that an accident means wooden fencing replacement is obvious, it’s important to mention that wooden broken from car crashes or broken trees needs proper repair.

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