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A spacer is a seal that lays in-between the two panes of a window. The spacers are an important piece to a window because they add to the performance of the window.

This includes preventing vapor and moisture from impacting the glass,Guest Posting absorbing the ebb and flow of expansion and contraction, control the temperature of glass for less condensation, and create an air-tight seal.

If your home or business has spacers in the windows but you experience condensation and fog, sealant failure, and leaky edges, you likely have aluminum spacers. Aluminum spacers are especially unfavorable because they match cold and heat instantly, which forces sealants to crack and condensation and fog to climb edges of the window. This means the spacer will end up working against your windows and their purpose.

The Intercept spacer was a welcome upgrade in the early 1990’s that replaced aluminum for new windows. This type of spacer had stainless steel that helped regulate the temperature and eliminated many problems with the solid aluminum spacers. Attached inside the Intercept spacer is an alloy made of stainless steel that acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures. This keeps the edges of windows warmer. The Intercept also flexes during temperature change, keeping the window sealant from failing.

Another popular spacer is the EdgeTech SST Super Spacer System. This spacer design eliminated metal completely and replaced the material with foam, which results in essentially zero condensation. When there is a lack of condensation, most importantly around the edges of the window, the window is more easily temperature controlled and has proper insulation. An improved temperature of the glass window plus resistance to heat flow is another perk of the foam Super Spacer This will make the home, and energy bill, much more comfortable.

Whether you choose the Intercept or Super Spacer, WindowCraft can work with you to determine which option will fit your needs and style best.

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