‘Wish I had started sooner,’ says Magniflex dealer

FLORENCE, Italy — For Valentino Venni, owner of Comodamente in Florence, Italy, his one regret in selling the Magniflex mattress line is that he didn’t add the product to his showroom floor years earlier.

The two-store retailer picked up the Magniflex line three years ago, expanding its rug and carpet showroom to include mattresses. Comodamente exclusively sells the Magniflex line as its bedding and pillow vendor. However, looking back, Venni said he was late in signing on for the mattress line.

The founder of Prato, Italy-based Magniflex, Giuliano Magni, had tried for a number of years to convince his friend of 50 years to add mattresses to his merchandising strategy at the rug store. However, Venni kept saying no and preferred to remain focused on the rug business.

“Giuliano always said I should be selling mattresses in our stores, and he was right,” Venni said. “My only regret is that I didn’t make the decision until after he had died, and he didn’t get to see our success with the product.”

Founded in 1982, the retailer specialized in high-end rugs and carpeting until 2018 when he heeded the advice of his friend of 50 years. Located in a highly trafficked shopping district near Florence’s busy city center, Comodamente’s 2,400-square-foot primary location has been successful with its dual-prong merchandising approach, while the second store sells only mattresses across its 1,300-square-foot space.

Venni attributes much of his success in selling mattresses to the quality of the beds he and his team sell. The company is keenly aware of its environmental responsibility and manufactures product that carry Oeko-Tex Class 1 certification guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances. The fabrics used in Magniflex mattresses hold GOTS-certified designation.

Those certifications matter to Venni’s customers. The other selling point that the Comodamente’s brings into the conversation with consumers is that the mattresses are made right down the road in Prato.

“We really push the Tuscan-made aspect of the beds,” Venni said, adding that Italian-made is a strong pitch, too, but the more regional tale proves a successful selling tactic. “We also tell our customers that the factory is still owned and managed by the Magni family, that the mattresses are made with, certified high quality materials and that the company stands behind its product.

“I liken the quality of the Tuscan-made mattresses to our olive oil; it’s the best quality and made right here,” he said.



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